Sweden Grand Prix 2023

NPC Sweden

Athlete Registration

Register for Sweden Grand Prix 2023!

When and Where? April 23 at Södertälje Stadsscen (Nyköpingsvägen 26, 151 32 Södertälje), Sweden.

The athlete check-in is open Friday 04/21 between 17.00-20.00 and Saturday 04/22 between 18.00-20.00

This is a Pro Qualifier show. All overall winner earns a IFBB Pro Card!
We have 8 Pro Cards in total for this show, one for each division.
Please note: If there is less than 5 competitors in a division, a pro card can not be awarded.

Make sure to apply to become an NPC Worldwide Athlete before registering, as this is required in order to participate in a NPC Worldwide Show.

Registration fee per class:
Until 4/7: 200 EUR
4/7-4/20: 250 EUR
Registry Day: 300 EUR

If you have any questions, please check our Show Guide before you reach out - your question may already be answered there.